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“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

Carl Bard

Read what clients have to say...

I resisted the Idea

Like most, I resisted the idea of seeking counseling, but life’s path lead me to Dr. Stadheim and the Christian Living Center.

Life had me on the fast track of career advancement seeking to attain more status, income and image as a thirty something aspiring golf professional. Misplaced priorities had blindly let my family deteriorate compounded with a special needs child. After the death of our child at age six I then slipped into a cloud of depression and desperation, resigning my career achievements in an attempt to reconnect with and rebuild our family only to realize the damage was irreparable.

Throughout my career ascension and family life, “faith”, was attained through hard work, accomplishments, performance awards, recognition and the like – just keep on trying harder and everything will work out. Trials were just not an option to address only an opportunity to work harder until my greatest teacher of life lost hers showing me courage and acceptance as I was powerless to effect any change – then came the hopelessness – I was lost on life’s road map with no direction or idea on how to change.

Gently, graciously, constantly and fearlessly Dr. Stadheim opened my heart to feel and see God’s grace and mercy. Through honest counsel, hard work and prayer Dr. Stadheim illuminated the path God had in store for me, one filled with joy and peace but not without trials – only now I am able to feel, to hurt, to cry, to desire – to know it is OK to be alive and experience emotions for what they are and truly believe life is awesome and filled with choice.

Now looking back on where I came from and where I was I see blessings and a clear path to assist with life’s road map for the future in this world. In Him.


In  My Opinion

My wife and I found Dr. Robert Stadheim and the Christian Living Center, by accident, an accident that saved our marriage and family unit.  My wife scheduled an appointment with another counselor and asked me to meet her there.  I left work and drove to Dr. Stadheim’s office by mistake thinking he was the counselor.  I felt very comfortable the minute I stepped into his office.  I explained my situation and Dr. Stadheim graciously gave me directions to that therapist’s office mentioning that he also was a counselor.  Fortunately, I never made it to that appointment.

When  my wife arrived home from the session we were both to attend, she said the  woman counselor was cold, unemotional and very clinical.  I told her my  story of meeting Dr. Stadheim and what a warm, caring and friendly person he  seemed to be and that we should give him a try.

Needless  to say we attended Dr. Bob’s counseling sessions individually, as a couple and  family for approximately 2 years.

It  is my opinion I would not be married or have my family intact if it were not  for the skill, patience, compassion and help provided by Dr. Stadheim.  I  am extremely pleased.


Stop  Reading this

Stop  Reading this and call Dr. Bob.

I  was trying to put together a title that just “says it all”… I couldn’t think of  anything more fitting than this.

I  found Dr. Bob’s website in 2003 after searching through lists of yellow-paged  counselors, calling offices and attempting to interview their indifferent  staff.  Most offices never even returned my calls, which made quick work  of my “Who Genuinely Cares?” counselor list.

From  past years of dealing with other “specialists,” I had become very discouraged  when I quickly realized these apathetic individuals were far less than their  advertising had promised.  And after reading Dr. Bob’s background, I told  myself “Well, if he can handle all of that, then he can handle anything I throw  at him!”

In  my lowest moment I realized that there was no better investment for myself and  THE REST OF MY LIFE’s happiness than to find someone who had the ultimate  dedication and experience.  I decided that I was worth it and I didn’t  want to feel like this anymore.  When I picked up the receiver, I was  literally an “emotional puddle on the floor” …where in my heart and my  mind…bitter sadness and an inability to function reigned.  Desperately  hoping this was the last phone call I would have to make, I called.  I  cannot summarize in this paragraph what a difference it has since made in my  life.

That  day of my last phone call looked like this… perhaps you can relate to this  picture?

The  curled phone cord pulled taught under my desk in a desolate hallway cubicle…  resonating with echoes of muffled sobbing from under the cold, grey  laminate.  Only relief came with the 45 minutes of consoling and listening  from Dr. Bob, who was at the time, a complete stranger to me but who cared just  as much as if I was family to him.   Today, all I can say is that I  had no idea Life could be this way and I now when I need therapy calling Dr.  Bob for an appointment is like calling a great friend.

So  I am hoping for anyone who is reading this, stop denying yourself to purge that  sinking sensation in your stomach.  Life doesn’t have to be lived with  that feeling that is haunting you every day you wake up.  It is so much  better and is so much more… From one person who has gone through the fire and  has made it through to the other side, I want YOU to embrace YOUR  REALITY.  Denial gets you nowhere… it ends now if you decide to do  something about it.  For your sake, I hope that you do.  I did and I  am forever grateful that I had the courage to make that first step because it  has become an amazing life staircase for me.



Yesterday  my wife and I happily celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.  Six years  ago we both doubted we would be celebrating our 20th.  With our marriage  in crisis we searched for professional help and I thank God we found Dr.  Stadheim.

Though  my wife and I knew our relationship was in serious trouble we didn’t know  why.  We thought we knew. I said it was her fault, she said it was  mine.  Dr. Stadheim expertly and with great care and patience, led us to  discover much about ourselves and each other.

Dr.  Stadheim showed us what our unhealthy (and sometimes destructive) behaviors  were, where they originated, how to recognize them and finally how to change  them to healthy and loving behaviors.  With the years of experience Dr.  Stadheim has, and the skill with which he applies his experience, he often  recognized behavior problems immediately.  Understanding that I believed  my behavior was completely normal, healthy and wise, Dr. Stadheim gently and  gradually counseled me, never trying force me to change but showed me where  these behaviors originated and why and how I could change them.  Again,  without being aggressive, Dr.  Stadheim quietly challenged my belief system and changed my life.  I was  amazed at the time that he did the same for my wife.  We both were  damaging our relationship but neither of us could see that in ourselves.

Trust  issues went away.  The need to manipulate and control went away.   Insecurities disappeared.  We learned to communicate, recognize behavior  unhealthy to our relationship and stop it before it started.  We are  closer, happier and more loving toward each other than we have ever been, even  more so than when we were dating or newly weds!

Dr.  Stadheim didn’t only concern himself with our marriage.  He took care of  us individually.  He showed each of us how to be happy and secure with  ourselves, explaining that when we are healthy individually we will be much  healthier as a couple.  This proved to be true.  In fact my  relationships with my children, my siblings, friends and co-workers have  benefited from Dr. Stadheim’s wisdom.  He not only helped me and my wife,  but without ever meeting them he helped many more people in my life.  I  have loving relationships with family members and friends, stronger  relationships with co-workers, many of whom have since become very good  friends, and I am happy and secure with myself.  My wife tells me she  feels the same.

Dr.  Stadheim is even helping people not yet born.  Since my wife and I visited  Dr. Stadheim regularly, our first grandchild was born.  She lights up when  she visits “Mimi” and “Granddad” – living happily ever after in the same house. 


You  want him to be wrong

“DR.  BOB”

He always lets me sit in my chair clearing away his notes from the previous client.  Behind me a wall of books of problems far greater than mine and solutions I’ll never discover.  In front of me a mirror that forces me to look myself in the eye.  He listens interjecting at just the right time with a personal story a reminder that he’s real His words and analogies are strokes of an artist allowing me to see the real picture inside my mind. You want him to be wrong about you but he’s not.  We end with a prayer.  He asks God to watch over me until we meet again. I thank God for “Dr. Bob.”


Dr. Stadheim on TV

My dad committed suicide when I was 10.  I have been hospitalized many times and had over 30 electro-convulsive treatments(ECT) for depression.  I’d seen Dr. Stadheim on TV and wrote down his phone number.  Later, (when)I became suicidal again, I called him.  After several months of therapy, God healed me -- and I have my life back.  I’ve never been so happy.  I still have problems, but now God and I handle them.  Before, my problems handled me. I now realize that my joy had died with my dad when he died.  God helped me get my joy back.  I now can say, “It is not okay that my dad died, but it is okay that he is dead.


Dr. Stadheim Speak in Minnesota

I’m a Christian therapist and went to hear Dr. Stadheim speak while he was in Minnesota.  Many of the things that he spoke about - clinically and Spiritually - were new to me.  I wanted to hear, learn and experience more.  Two months later I flew to Arizona for therapy with Dr. Stadheim.  My experience was one of the most life-changing events of my life.  Along with a terrific sense of humor, Dr. Stadheim possesses the rare combination of deep Spiritual commitment, knowledge and compassion.  What he offers to people is so necessary and few have the gifts he has to facilitate emotional and Spiritual healing.  Concepts came alive in a way that I could relate to and easily apply to my life. The Lord greatly uses Dr. Stadheim as a human vessel of His healing power,  It’s difficult to explain exactly what made this an experience like no other.  If you are seeking emotional healing and wish to grow in your Spiritual walk, I highly recommend therapy with Dr. Stadheim.  Please buckle your seat belt...you’re in for the ride of your life!

J.C., Minnesota

I Felt Like Committing Suicide

I felt like committing suicide and a friend recommended that I call Dr. Stadheim.  I had been looking for a Christian therapist for 35 years who would listen to my pain and be graceful enough to accept me and guide me from my journey of destruction,  I had been filled with psychobabble and medication that never got to the root of my problem. I have suffered from multiple addictions.  I had been molested in my childhood and I also molested children.  I escaped prison time only by the Grace of God.  Many of us are God’s abused diamonds.  Many Christian professionals have tried to tickle my ears and be my cheerleader.  Dr. Stadheim, by the help of God, has been getting to the roots of my pain.  He says,”reveal, feel and deal so God can heal”.  He led the process of cutting and chipping away that which was not me to get back to the Michael that God created.  My therapy with Dr. Stadheim was the most renewing and meaningful experience of my life.


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